Thomas Kinkade Makes Amazing Disney Paintings

Disney movies have given moments of pure magic to everyone on this
planet. They make you laugh, they make you cry, and they always give
you a great story to remember forever. And let’s not forget the
amazing visuals of them: whether you’re talking about the old
movies or the newer ones, everything just looks amazing. But what if
there’s a way to make them look even better?

Thomas Kinkade probably wondered the same thing and came with the
perfect answer: paint these movies.

Yes, these are paintings. The fact that they almost look like digital
illustrations is because Thomas is actually very proficient in a
painting technique called chiaroscuro. This technique makes
use of big contrasts to give the illusion of depth and volume. It
makes these paintings look much more amazing and grand in scale than
they really are. It’s like these characters are living in a fully
3D world, despite having been painted on a canvas.

You can clearly see Thomas is a big fan of Disney movies and manages
to keep the original tone of the movie in each of his paintings.

I’d almost be inclined to ask someone to pay this man to hand-paint
every frame of the movies and rerelease them like that, but I’m
afraid that’s a world we’ll never get to live in.

As you’d expect from a modern artist, Thomas has an Instagram page where you can follow his work. He also has an official website where you can do pretty much the same or buy some of his work in his shop.

The prices seem reasonable enough, but I guess that all depends on
what you’re willing to spend on Disney paintings. There’s no
shortage of talent in this man’s arsenal, so if nothing else it
probably couldn’t hurt to keep tabs on him just in case. Besides,
who doesn’t like Disney?

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