Ronald Ong Photoshops Animals To Make Them Weird, Because Why Not

It’s getting harder and harder to get some light-heartedness in these seemingly everlasting Corona days. The weather is clearing up and we still have to spend most of our time indoors, avoiding social contact and being locked up with nothing but ourselves. That might sound like a bleak and depressing life, but it does come with perks. For instance, you have more time to become acquainted with lovely Instagram artists, like Ronald Ong!

What Ronald does seems simple enough: he photoshops animals into
weird, surrealistic works of art. It usually has to do with food, but
he doesn’t stick to just the one theme. He uses all manner of
objects and even other animals, as long as it makes sense for the
animal he’s trying to photoshop.

There’s little known about the artist himself. He’s a 21 year old
digital artist from Malaysia, but we have no idea how long he’s
been making these works of art. It’s obvious that he’s either
extremely talented or has been doing this for many years – probably

There’s obviously a lot to be said for how aesthetically pleasing
these works are. The animals blend so smoothly with the objects that
it almost feels real. While the photoshopping itself probably doesn’t
take that much skill (although it’s far beyond mine, but my
photoshop wizardry skills are at less than zero), I think the main
appeal of these works of art is the complete concept and how
everything looks.

Ofcourse, like every decent artist, Ronald Ong has a webshop where you can purchase some of his works of art on a print. They come at a pretty decent price, so you wouldn’t even have to break the bank to make your living room look like animal surrealist heaven. One could argue why you’d want to do that, but let’s just leave that for a different article and conclude that you can.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from this amazing artist in
the future, and now you can follow him on Instagram to make sure you
stay in the loop of all things Ronald Ong!

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